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09 October 2015
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23 May 2001
Curious about runtime? Read this brief explanation, and let us know if you have questions.Paradox® Runtime

What Corel says:

"This utility lets users distribute their own Paradox® applications to multiple other users, royalty free."

What this really means:

The license for this stripped-down version of Paradox® (more to follow) allows you to distribute programs developed for Paradox® to an unlimited number of users at no additional cost. You can create a program in a 'full' copy of Paradox®, then distribute your files, along with a copy of Runtime, to all of your program's users (or your entire company).

Because certain features have been removed from the Runtime version of Paradox®, security of your program is built in to this scenario. Users of Runtime cannot modify files, nor view your 'delivered' code. The delivered version of a Paradox® file (form, report, script, library) is a special format that compiles your source code into an unreadable format. This format cannot be edited using the Runtime (nor the 'full') version. Nor can the data tables be modified using the Runtime version - except as you have provided in your code.

And you don't have to distribute the full Office 2002 Suite. Paradox® Runtime is self contained. You distribute only the required Paradox® files, plus the BDE™. And the files that comprise your application, of course.

This gives you:
  • Extremely Cost Effective Distribution
  • Security of Code
  • Lowered support costs

Already purchased OfficeSuite 2002 Professional? Then all you need is your Serial Number to download your copy of Runtime....

Go to Corel's site to Download Runtime

If the above link isn't working, try here.

For more details on what features have been removed from the Runtime version of Paradox®, check out the following newsgroup thread (if you don't know how to get to the newsgroups, please check out our support page):
   Subject: Re: beginner question about Runtime
      Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 18:36:59 -0700
      From: Liz <leadlaw@aros.net>
Newsgroups: corel.wpoffice.paradox-dev
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